Red+White Rebozo
Red+White Rebozo

Red+White Rebozo

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Weaved with red diamond embroidery before the tails and white stripes with white fringe.


Traditional 100% Cotton Rebozo made by local artisan handwoven on a loom from Oaxaca, Mexico.

A rebozo has multi uses, Used during pregnancy, to balance and relax the pelvis, uterus and ligaments to allow more room for the baby to rotate into the optimal position for birth. During labor it is multi functional and can be used to ease pain, to work with the pressure waves in birth, to relax and connect with the body and the baby and to build birth space and privacy in hospital. This rebozo can also be used in postpartum period in the closing of the bone ceremony to “close” the body of the mother and to help the intestines and womb to return on their correct places. Finally this is the perfect baby wearing size to carry your little one.






8.8 feet or 106 inch long + fringes


26.8 inch wide